Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hey! I traveled around various Wikis as ordered -- I spent some time in SJCPL's subject guides. It's a cool idea, and I like that some of the suject headings (antiques and collectibles) provided a link to the dewey numbers. (once a reference librarian...) However, some of them did not. I also browsed through "iread" and I agree with the previous posts that it wasn't very helpful since it didn't link to info in the catalog. The buttons across the top linked to lists on various websites.

Also, O great web goddesses, who controls the spelling, syntax, etc on large Wiki's? How can I, as a reference librarian, cite Wikipedia since I don't know anything about the poster's veracity? Is there any regulation about content? Truth vs opinion? Who decides whether something is outdated -- i.e. best sellers? Who settles disagreements among "posters"?

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