Thursday, March 8, 2007


I've looked at most of the information about Myspace. I think I understand it (but never assume...). The basic advantage is that one can interact easily with the information on Myspace as opposed to the "view only" status of a website? As a parent, I would be concerned with the safety issue. And we know that most parents are not checking what and who is on their teen's myspace. I am also always concerned about the amount of time that teens/children spend on a computer. Perhaps it's my generation, but I would rather seem them engaged in different activities.

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Bobbi said...

One of the things I use myspace for is to keep in touch with friends. Because it allows you to put in the High School and College you attended you can look for classmates. I got in touch with someone I went to high school with and I was able to see them over Christmas when I was home. It was wonderful!